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Does Skype Slip Confirm Imminent Verizon iPhone?

When Skype posted a FAQ about its forthcoming iPhone app, which will enable video conferencing via the phone's two cameras), it may have inadvertently leaked confirmation of a Verizon iPhone (that or the people who slapped it up just made an honest mistake). Skype released extensive details about the apps features (which will compete with Apple's own Facetime), but tech reporters were distracted by the Verizon logo next to the Skype logo over the heading "How do I make video calls with Skype for iPhone?"

The gaffe caused, (which quickly posted screen shots) to ask, "Ever get the feeling that these companies like to mess with us?" At any rate, at CES this year Skype may release an iPhone App, and maybe one for the iPad and maybe Verizon will announce its getting the iPhone, and maybe Facebook will announce it's releasing a mobile phone with Skype. And maybe Jimmy Hoffa will make the presentation.

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