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iPad 2.0 Rumormongering: CDMA! Verizon! Enlarged Slots!

While Apple has not yet been sued for anything related to iPad 2, give it some time. Most of the information concerning the device and currently burning up gadgethead forums is unsubstantiated rumor and conjecture. Fast Company provides a round-up today. Using Holmesian deduction, Apple fanboys determined the new device would be thinner and lighter. They tracked cases that had been shipped from China allegedly for the device and used, you know, common sense.

Much too has been made of the new iPad's "enlarged slot," but as dirty as that sounds it relates to the bigger ports the device may have, and could hint at better speakers. Leaked case designs also show that it will have a rear facing camera. Then there's the issue of connectivity, Watson. Rumors have swirled that the iPad will come in three flavors: Wi-Fi only, UMTS and CDMA. And yes, Virginia, CDMA does imply that Verizon will have it's very own iPad to sell.

But, of course, the 64-thousand-dollar question is: when? Fast Company speculates, "Foxconn is reported as being ready to ship about 500,000 iPads as soon as the end of February 2011--only about ten weeks away. This could imply Apple is bringing the device to market sooner rather than later, in order to stem the tide of Android tablets expected next year."



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