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Sears-Kmart Offers Me-Too Movie Download Service

  • Endgadget, Tuesday, December 28, 2010 1:17 PM
The me-too services crowding Netflixes space are multiplying by the minute. Following in the footsteps of Best Buy and Walmart, Sears-Kmart has launched its own movie download service. So called Alphaline Entertainment is actually powered by Sonic's RoxioNow, the same as similar services from Best Buy and Blockbuster. "It's all very familiar, down to the $3.99 rent / $19.99 new release purchase pricing that we love to hate," writes Endgadget.

Sonic was acquired by Rovi last week though, "it doesn't appear that Sonic's sale to Rovi or the addition of DivX to the company's fold has affected the deal at all," says Edgadget.

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