Web video next to regular TV: Running as long as it needs

Web-to-TV services looking to change the game -- Roku, Boxee, and Google TV, and will be apparent when it comes to the duration of a particular piece of content.

Original programming running along side traditional TV won't look the same, from a time perspective -- different lengths of video versus the standard half-hour, hour blocks of programming.

In speaking at the OMMA Video event in San Francisco, Jim Louderback, chief executive officer, Revision3, , which produces original web content says: "We are not trying to replace TV. It's as long as it needs to be. We have shows that run three minutes long, and we have shows that are an hour long."

Live programming, as well, will feel different to viewers: "Live is only one to two percent our our audience," says Louderback. "But they love you the most."

Not only that, but viewers can choose what commercial messaging -- all to get closer to advertisers. Kevin Stephens, Head of Device Partnerships of Boxee: "I can chose an actual experience."

What are the hurdles for these companies? Other OMMA Video panelists agree it'll come from the "discovery" of new digital video content.

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