He's Random, He's Creepy, He's a Guy


If you are going to make a Web series that spins off a fun bit of random silliness online, then there really is only one way to go with it. Make the premise about a couple of guys who create a random bit of online silliness. made a business out of featuring the kinds of personal photos everyone has, where some offbeat oddball ends up in the shot. The taxi driver in Vegas. The guy who gave us directions in Cleveland. That dude (you know who I'm talking about) who knew the guy who got us the tickets to the thing in Miami. Or maybe it was just that jackass at the pool you couldn't shake from the group, no matter how hard you tried.

You know that guy. And that is the simple, brilliant pleasure of So when a partnership among DailyMotion Pictures, RCGMedia and Q ITUP Studios tries to spin that idea into a Web series it better be about an equally stupid Web notion. In this case it is.'s success serves as an inspiration for two out-of-work guys looking for that next big idea. From the trailer it looks as if a site about bacon is going to energize the pig defending anti-meat-eating activists (all of whom just happen to be babes).



The site is the brainshild of RCG originators Chris Arreguin, Jonathan Garcia and Bryan Young. It is exactly what you would think - images of bacon in all imaginable derivation - bacon birdhouses, bacon salad bowls and (wait for it) bacon bras.

The series will be issued in two-episode drops each week for a 14-episode run. While many Web episodics lose steam and return users after a couple of episodes, RandomCreepyguy to its credit is distributing the show through precisely the kinds of sites it should. While DailyMotion is the principal big video hub for the wheel, it is also using the Three Ring blog Network to reach member properties like and

What of the show itself? Well the first two episodes are entertaining, but something less than compelling. Having pig activists as the sexual interests is a clever way to fold in the requisite eye-candy. As usual with Web series the timing of the repartee is always a bit stilted and off so the humor or the characters are never, well, especially funny. It is all premise-driven and enjoys the advantage of a limited run. We might tune in for the next pair of episodes, and that is more than we can say for most Webisodics.
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