Set-Top Lexicon: Digital Platforms

CIMM's Set-Top Box Data Lexicon is a compilation of terms and definitions associated with Set-Top Box data and its measurement. This Word-A-Week column highlights a term and definition from the Lexicon to help forge a common language for Set-Top Box data usage and expedite the roll-out of the data for its many industry applications.

We could fill up several columns with definitions that apply to the concept of digital media, technology and platforms. Continuing on the digital theme of last week, this week we focus more on the digital transmission platforms that contribute to Set-Top Box data origination.  

Here are terms and definitions related to digital transmission delivery platforms 

DTTV abbr Digital Cable

CIMM DEFINITION : A generic term for cable television signal that is transmitted via digital encoding over a cable network. (Source: CableLabs)



2 : Cable television that is digitally compressed so as to offer a greater selection of content, and on-screen programming guide, VOD, HD, sharper picture quality and other advanced technological options to the viewer. Delivery of signal is through coaxial cable wired into the building. (Source: PC

3 : Network comprised of fiber and/or coaxial cable and used to enable cable TV service and/or two-way high-speed Internet. 

DTTV abbr Digital Terrestrial TV

See: Digital Cable

CIMM DEFINITION : Often considered the same as Digital Cable. It is an advancement in terrestrial analog television which has a land-based signal broadcast. Digital Terrestrial uses less spectrum and offers more capacity and a higher quality picture than analog. It uses aerial broadcasts to a conventional antenna instead of a cable connection or a satellite feed.


DTV abbr Digital TV

See also: Digital Cable

CIMM DEFINITION : DTV is a more advanced television delivery system (than analog) that offers higher quality signals, high definition and enables the viewer to receive significantly more channel choices and user interface software such as a DVR and VOD. Unlike analog, digital signal are compressed, expanding the number of channels four or five fold and enabling internet connectivity.

Digital Satellite

See also: Digital Cable

CIMM DEFINITION : Offering similar advanced television features as digital cable TV. Unlike digital cable, delivery of signal is through a satellite dish. 

2 : Information transmitted in discrete pulses rather than as continuous signals. Data is represented by a specific sequence of off-on electrical pulses. (Source: Nielsen)

 Please refer to the CIMM Lexicon online at for additional information on these and other terms.

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