Google Rebuilds DoubleClick Search

Google DoubleClick plans to roll out the next version of its search platform later this year. The company is testing it with select partners on Tuesday. The platform, now completely rebuilt on the Google technology stack, aims to improve workflow by simplifying navigation with an AdWords-like interface and refined reporting options.

The technology stack supports mounds of data and quick processing power. Google built the front end on Gwt, which generates applications in minutes and looks and feels similar to those on a computer desktop, says Ariel Bardin, product manager and director at Google. "Data loads quickly into tables, so it's very fast," he says.

U.S. ad spend should reach $18.84 billion in 2014 -- up from $12.37 billion in 2010, estimates eMarketer, although the numbers lump in paid search, contextual text links, paid inclusion and search engine optimization.

Paid search will get the majority of the budgets. DoubleClick Search v3 allows large brands to manage campaigns with millions of keywords. It's not a new AdWords tool for all, but geared toward brands building out large campaigns across Google, Microsoft and Yahoo search engines that support volumes of data.

The platform offers a more efficient workflow to easily raise bids, change budgets and monitor keywords to find the best and the worst-performing. And while the platform has been around since 2006, known originally as DART Search, it is the latest version in a long line of DoubleClick products Google will rebuild for advertisers and publishers.

This version of DoubleClick Search also offers the ability to upload campaigns in spreadsheets with up to 1 million rows, and manage campaigns globally, supporting dozens of language and currency. New tools to view performance data across all major search engines and customize reporting look to improve optimization.

Filters and labels allow better reporting features, enabling search marketers to highlight important keywords to manage where ads appear, and design bidding strategy to meet specific ROI goals.

Building the search-engine marketing platform on Google's technology allows DoubleClick to pull in data across search engines between 30 minutes and two hours, and then process it much faster. Prior to the rebuild, the data would pull in between four hours and daily. Plus, it more closely integrates with AdWords.

Integration with DoubleClick's display platform and DoubleClick for Advertisers allows marketers to monitor how campaigns perform across search and display through spotlight tags.

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  3. Ben Schofield from amftrad, April 23, 2015 at 10:27 a.m.

    I fully agree with Sadie on this

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