Solve Sends Toyota Messages In CAPTCHA-Like Ad Unit

On Tuesday, Solve Media plans to launch a new feature called Insights in its flagship advertising product Type-In, an updated version of a CAPTCHA security code launched in December. The platform allows advertisers to survey consumer interactions with ads by measuring how effectively they remember the brand's messages to complete a transaction.

These Type-In ads replace distorted words, numbers and phrases typically used for puzzle-based CAPTCHA authentication systems with a logo or video, a brand message in quotes and an input box. The technology relies on a link inside of a Type-In ad unit. It recruits survey respondents that opt in. Solve Media claims this method produces an average of 10 times the survey respondents in less time, compared with the industry average. Results are tallied and certified by comScore AdEffx.

Taping into Solve Media Insights, Toyota managed to measure the effectiveness of its January 2011 campaign about Toyota Care, the company's complimentary maintenance plan with 24-hour roadside assistance.

Kim Kyaw, senior media strategist for Toyota, says the car company has been using the Solve Media platform since late last year. Click-through rates and qualitative are two metrics the platform provides. Both managed to either meet or beat typical campaign averages.

The Type-In ads appear on Web destinations such as MapQuest that require site visitors to prove those entering or requesting information are human.

In Toyota's latest campaign, the car manufacturer designed a survey question about the Toyota Care program and five potential survey answers around the brand message. The survey was served by Solve Media in the Type-In platform to nearly 2,000 respondents who opted in. Of those that viewed a Toyota Type-In ad during the campaign, 55% chose Toyota Care as Toyota's complimentary maintenance program, compared with 40% of those that did not view the ad.

Kyaw said the biggest challenge is shortening questions to fit into the unit's format; Toyota has used the technology for two campaigns. Both performed well to heighten awareness of specific promotions, she said.

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