Time Warner Cable: 70-Plus Channels On iPad App, More To Come


Time Warner Cable CEO Glenn Britt said Thursday that in just a month more than 360,000 users downloaded an app allowing simulcasting of networks on iPads in homes. The service launched with 30 channels and now has 70-plus available for the streaming.

"By year-end, we plan to offer nearly all of the linear cable channels, as well as broadcast channels in several of our biggest cities and a lot of on-demand content," Britt said, according to a transcript of an earnings call.

TWC reported losing 66,000 residential video subscribers in the first quarter. It now has a total of about 12.3 million.

The company continues to face competition from telco TV providers AT&T and Verizon, which offer video service in 24% and 10% of its footprint, respectively.

TWC did say that its subscriber losses were mostly from lower-paying customers with just video service, while digital-video customers and those with a bundle were up.



Profit at the company was strong -- up more than 50% to $325 million.

The company said it added 83,000 "triple-play" customers and there were 42,000 net additions in DVR customers.

The company said its "TV Essentials" product, a low-end cable offering with limited cable channels, is still in just two markets -- New York and Northeast Ohio -- and it is evaluating plans for a further rollout.

TWC revenue for the first quarter was up 5% to $4.8 billion. Ad dollars -- less than 5% of revenue -- were up 14%, which was helped by a deal where its sales staff sells on behalf of Verizon locally in the New York, Los Angeles and Dallas markets and takes a cut.

It has a new similar deal with AT&T set to launch later this year -- meaning the two, a la Verizon, will compete for subscribers but partner on sales.

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