An Inside Look At Experian Marketing Services

Experian Marketing Services is building out its measurement tools supporting online services such as reports for multichannel attribution. The reports provide data on group segments and how campaigns perform based on purchase behavior. The team also will create technology that supports machine-based learning.

These online services have become one of several projects the marketing services group began ramping up recently. Others include bringing offline data into online campaigns, as well as segmented data into TV ad targeting, explains Mike Balducci, the SVP and general manager for Experian's Digital Advertising Services, within the marketing services group.

Experian Marketing Services, and Kantar Media, which provides Internet, TV and radio audience measurement in 59 countries worldwide, announced Wednesday the integration of aggregated demographic data with anonymous audience viewing behavior data. The service is available through Kantar's DIRECTView service.

Experian's focus on addressable advertising, the ability to target an audience through digital media, spurred the partnership with Turn last year and then the launch in April of the company's AudienceIQ platform, which powers display ad buying online. The deal, in part, enables advertisers to integrate offline direct marketing data that covers 235 million U.S. consumers, 113 million households across more than 1,000 demographic attributes, according to Balducci.



AudienceIQ platform manages offline data for connections to online media, as well as a media desk to optimize campaigns based on that audience data. Balducci declined to disclose the exact reach, describing it only as in the "hundreds of millions" of unique users.

Experian Marketing Services has more than 3,000 clients across North America, but only about a dozen use the AudienceIQ platform. The platform gives marketers the ability to target a specific audience such as new moms. This segment data compiled in an offline database can integrate into the platform to target this segment.

Experian also integrates the data in TV campaigns, partnering with companies like Cablevision to target ads per household. "Think about the infrastructure of a cable operator, all the way into the set-top box, and how it's used to traffic ads," Balducci said. "The infrastructure needed significant updating to split ads between households."

Historically there was advertisement to one program, one advertisement. Every household on a block sees the same ads. Now more than one household on a street could be watching the same program, but see different ads. Some cable and satellite companies are further along than others when it comes to deploying the service, but all are in the process of offering it, Balducci said.

Adressable TV advertising is similar to online ad targeting. Two open browsers can connect to the same Web site, but the consumer see different ads based on behavioral data from browser cookies and ad tags.

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