Oracle's Aggressive Move Into TV Based On Data Targeting History

Oracle is moving deeper into supporting data for television advertising through technology it has built and then some it has acquired from companies such as BlueKai and Datalogix.

"We've been doing this in digital for a number of years and the natural progression is to move it into other major media like television," said Joe Kyriakoza, VP and GM of automotive and TV solutions.

This week Oracle also entered into a partnership with Charter Communications that will allow brands to target connected TV audiences, which matches its data with Charter's streaming and smart-TV viewer data The news was announced at the Data Summit.

Then on Tuesday Oracle said it would acquire the measurement firm Moat, with plans to join the company into its Oracle Data Cloud division, though it will remain an independent platform.

Kyriakoza said that the move into television could also see Oracle forge relationships with metrics companies like Nielsen.



Over the top (OTT) is part of this effort as well. Oracle is in talks with companies to support OTT and streaming on a variety of devices, Kyriakoza said. "It would let marketers customize promotions and experiences," he said. "The ones that offer advertising will be more likely to work with us because they will have a much more targeted framework."

Kyriakoza called OTT a much cleaner approach to advertising that Oracle would naturally fit into.

Earlier this month, Oracle also partnered with Simulmedia to make the household-level purchase data from the Oracle Data Cloud available through its Performance TV platform, so brands can reach existing and prospective customers through television.

The idea that advanced data sets can both predict and target consumers with the perfect message isn't completely new, but in this case it's really about finding the untapped audience by linking them to in-store purchases without using personally identifiable information.

Simulmedia's technology uses event stream processing (ESP). Through audience data and technology that can predict TV viewership, the company claims its platform produces more sales per media dollar spent by brands and return on  investment at a higher average of between 30% and 100% for every campaign.

Oracle Data Cloud's purchase data will integrate with Simulmedia's minute-by-minute television viewing data to better target national TV ads to those watching the programming. Much of it is based on household transactional data from Visa Advertising Solutions offline and in store purchases that will help to show advertisers their ads resulted in actual sales.

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