Casale Media Forms Ad Partnerships With Educational Publishers


Casale Media on Tuesday is expected to announced exclusive ad sales partnerships with educational publisher and its sister site

The two sites presently reach a combined 2.75 million unique users, and serve more than 50 million ad impressions each month, according to Casale, citing comScore data.

For both Infoplease and Factmonster, Casale Media plans to incorporate most standard display ads in addition to takeovers, floating ads and its proprietary Videobox video-enabled ad unit.

The partnership builds on a six-year network-based relationship with the publisher. Casale also plans to roll out similar deals with publishers throughout the year.

This agreement "demonstrates our team's hard work since we first began working with Infoplease on our MediaNet network in 2005," said Joe Casale, CEO of Casale Media. "In the coming months, we expect to extend more direct sales relationships with digital media companies."



Infoplease and Factmonster are part of Family Education Network, a publisher of educational material containing fact-based content with no crowd-sourced information.

The company attempts to maintain quality editorial through in-house researchers and writers.

Earlier this year, Casale integrated Nielsen offline data through Nielsen PRIZM Digital to offers advertisers audience segmentation for online ad targeting. The technology helps buyers and planners understand offline segments by translating them to online audiences through conversions in the same workflow system.

Eight of the top 10 U.S. online display advertisers use Casale's premium advertising network, MediaNet.

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