Experian Marketing Enlarges Adobe Partnership

Experian Marketing Services announced an expanded partnership with Adobe to provide two-way dashboard views of the data captured by Experian Hitwise and that of Adobe SiteCatalyst, powered by Omniture.

"Marketers need the right data, in the right place, at the right time, in order to improve execution," said Simon Bradstock, general manager of Experian Hitwise.

The dashboards allow clients of both services to better understand how internal site trends -- seen through Adobe SiteCatalyst -- compare with consumer behavior on competitive Web sites, delivered through Experian Hitwise.

Per the expanded pact, clients can now plan more efficiently using side-by-side comparisons of internal and external visitor metrics, and marry campaign and channel analytics with upstream, downstream and custom traffic sets.

The full view is expected to help marketers better understand and react more quickly to market threats and opportunities.

Bradstock called it "a leap forward in delivering greater flexibility and applicability of that data."



At the beginning of the year, Adobe Systems announced the acquisition of Demdex, a privately held data management company. In turn, the company rolled audience segmentation services into the Omniture business unit.

Adding Demdex to the Adobe Online Marketing Suite was expected to give advertisers and publishers an audience optimization solution to deliver a more relevant digital experiences to customers. Buying specific audiences helps advertisers efficiently spend ad dollars and avoid advertising to consumers who don't meet specific criteria.

Per the deal, the Omniture Online Marketing Suite platform suite now offers data collection, analytics through reporting, and audience optimization.

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