Dedicated To Pleasure

I'm getting a real kick out of watching Sir John Hegarty presenting the new creative for the Haagen-Dazs ice cream brand at a global creative showcase like the Cannes Lions Festival.

The reason this moves me, is that contrary to its exotic, international image, Haagen-Dazs's roots were from the Bronx in New York City, where I grew up. I remember stumbling on the brand in the early 1970s, when it was only distributed via local bakeries in the Bronx, and thinking where in the world did this amazing ice cream come from. I had never tasted a super premium ice cream before, and it blew my mind. And with the name Haggen Dazs, I assumed it was from some equally exotic Scandic or Nordic origin. It was only years later that I learned it actually was created in the Bronx, and that the name Haggen Dezs was a contrivance. But it's still a great brand. And here it is on the world stage being celebrated by the world's greatest and most creative brand people.

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