Just an Online Minute... SF Most Digital City

First off, one more thing about search. According to Amsterdam-based, most people use 2-word phrases in search engines. Of all the search phrases world wide, 29.22% of the people use 2-word phrases and 24.76% use 1-word phrases. The percentages drop with longer phrases. Just something to keep in mind for your SEO efforts.

That said, drum roll, please. The winner is... San Francisco! According to the "2002 DMA & Regional Communications, Entertainment & Technology Profiles" published today by CENTRIS, the San Francisco market wins the title "most digital" in that it leads the top 25 DMAs for DVD consoles, PCs, DVD-ROM, Digital Cable, PDAs, Broadband and cell phones.

Centris also says that consumers like things big in Texas, with Large Screen TVs having the highest penetration in Houston with Dallas/Ft. Worth not far behind.

Also, Digital Cable penetration more than doubled in 9 markets, with the largest growth in Boston and Minneapolis; and PC growth in two Florida DMAs, Tampa and Orlando, was notably faster than the national rate, but each started from a lower penetration.

VHS rental and purchase activity have declined in 11 of the 25 top DMAs. The most active VHS markets are Chicago for rental and Houston for purchase - by contrast, San Francisco is the leading market for DVD rental and purchase.

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