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GRP Invests $6M In Twitter Syndicator

Mark Suster of GRP Partners is doubling down on Twitter by investing in DataSift, one of two companies with rights to re-syndicate Twitter's fire hose of more than 200 million Tweets a day. (The other one is Gnip.) GRP and IA Ventures are investing $6 million in DataSift in a Series A. DataSift's investors are betting Twitter won't enter this data syndication market.

Instead, DataSift is trying to build a basis for a real-time data mining and business intelligence business. It sees opportunities for products built on top of DataSift for financial services (realtime investing signals), marketing (sentiment analysis and influence trees), healthcare (looking for early signs of pandemics and other outbreaks), political campaigns (tracking voter sentiment), television (realtime feedback and social media monitoring), and news (breaking reports).



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