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Google+ Gets Into Gaming Business

It worked for Facebook. Now, Google+ is getting into the gaming business. Not only is the move likely to send the social network's usage numbers soaring, but it gives game companies the chance to diversify and reduce their dependence on Facebook. 

"This is a big step for Google+, because social networks and gaming seem to go hand-in-hand (just take a look at Facebook and Farmville)," writes PCWorld. "It's also a big step in Google+'s rivalry with Facebook, because Facebook has long been the social network of choice in gaming."

"Coupled with the launch is an aggressive plan to court game developers away from social network rival Facebook with a ‘promotional rate' revenue sharing plan for the rest of the year that provides game makers with 95% of any payments made by users," reports The Wall Street Journal. "Facebook takes a 30% cut of any revenue generated by game makers on their platform."



"That's why Google already has an impressive list of game companies, including Zynga, PopCap and Rovio, on its brand new game platform," writes VentureBeat. More broadly, "the uptick on gaming in Facebook has made it clear that online games in social networks are a huge draw for social network users," writes eWeek. "Social game developers spice up the action by letting users purchase virtual goods to boost their game status or add additional levels."

"Thankfully, we won't be bombarded with Farmville requests and updates on Mafia Wars," notes As Google promises: "Games in Google+ are there when you want them and gone when you don't." As such, a new ‘Games' button will be added to the top of the Google+ stream that will bring users to the gaming page.

"Provided Google keeps games partitioned in this fashion, the difference is a likely relief to those that were exhausted with ads for Farmville and updates on people's latest high scores," writes Digital Trends. "The Facebook newsfeed has become sacred territory for many users and polluting it with unwanted information has developed into a real sin."

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