Doubleplusgood, And Other Mobile Insider Searches

Mobile search panel moderator, Kenshoo's Will Crew, asked his Mobile Insider Summit panelists to open up by sharing their most recent mobile search activity.

Paul Cushman, senior director of mobile sales strategy at Yahoo, said his last query was for the term "Doubleplusgood."

Stymied? Yeah, so was I, but Cushman went on to explain the source, which quite frankly, made me feel dumb for not remembering it.

"Doubleplusgood is from George Orwell's '1984'," Cushman noted, explaining, "I can't recall why I started searching for that, but something came up on TV."

When he queried his mobile search source for the term "doubleplusgood," Cushman said it brought up Wikipedia's reference, which prompted Cushman to gush, "I am just addicted to [Wikipedia] on mobile. I just kind of geek out on Wikipedia on mobile."

"I thought that search was going to be a little more dirtier than it turned out," quipped fellow panelist, Razorfish's Paul Gelb.

Chung Meng Cheong, VP of Advertising Publisher Products, AT&T Interactive, disclosed that his last mobile search was for the term: "convert 42 inches into centimeters." The reason, he said, was that he wanted to explain to his parents, who are on the metric system, how tall his son currently is.

Michael Slinger, Director, Mobile Ads, Americas, Google, said his last mobile search was for ramen restaurants in the San Francisco Bay area, which prompted other panelists to note that food and restaurants are among the top mobile searches.

Beyond that, entertainment and services also rank high, but surprisingly automotive searches are huge, especially for repairs, rentals and car dealers.

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