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Google Offers Olive Branch To TV Execs

After years of rancor over copyright issues, Google is ready to make nice with TV broadcasters. This Friday, chairman Eric Schmidt is expected to address an audience of industry executives in Edinburgh. The message: "Google needs you," reports the Guardian, citing sources. "Schmidt is expected to tell delegates that Google wants to help the industry realise [sic] a bright future," the Guardian writes. "That is a striking change from the company's uncompromising stance in the past, when it was fighting legal actions from broadcasters and film studios over alleged copyright infringement."

Why? Simply put, Google knows it needs the support of content creators to survive. "Good content drives search, and search drives advertising," the Guardian adds. "The more compelling the content there is online, the more money Google makes." In addition to conciliatory words, there's also talk that Schmidt will unveil a Google programming fund, which production companies will have the chance to bid for.

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