Set-Top-Box Lexicon: It's All So Dynamic

CIMM is taking a pro-active role in advancing new media nomenclature and processes with both its Lexicon(terms and definitions associated with Set-Top-Box data measurement) and Asset Identification Primer (glossary of asset terms). These documents form the basis of the Word-A-Week column which offers a common language for Set-Top-Box nomenclature that can expedite the rollout of the data for its many industry applications.

It's not just the targetability of addressable advertising, advanced advertising, customizable advertising and the range of other advertising platforms available via the Set-Top Box. It is also the flexibility of feeding and editing content, monitoring ad loads and ascertaining measurement in real-time. The dynamic nature of Set-Top Box data makes for a dynamic series of terms to describe them, so "dynamic" in fact that there has been recent expansion in dynamic advertising capabilities for VOD. Improved technology enables more relevant ads to be served in real time rather than in hours or days.



Dynamic Advertising

See also: Advanced Advertising

CIMM DEFINITION : The ability to update which ad or version of a commercial is displayed in real-time or near-real-time basis using automated data feeds (e.g. changes in local TV ads based on local weather conditions or inventory data). (Source: Visible World).

Dynamic Editing

CIMM DEFINITION : Opposite of pre-defined, set parameters for data editing rules. Dynamic editing allows the system to compensate for unanticipated, changeable content conditions. It can remove or recalculate certain elements as part of the editing process. An example is the special dynamic capping edit undertaken for football overruns. (Source: Kantar Media Audiences)

Dynamic Frequency Capping

See also: Capping, Frequency Capping

CIMM DEFINITION : A program that has the ability to dynamically, in real-time, monitor and cap the number of ad messages a viewer receives via addressable advertising. (Source: Visible World)

Dynamic Insertion

See also: Time Shifted Commercial Substitution

CIMM DEFINITION : The ability to insert different content, usually different ads, within other content, often in realtime. Used to insert more relevant or targeted advertising for a specific zone, neighborhood, zipcode, etc.

Dynamic VOD

CIMM DEFINITION : The addition of interactive content into Video On-Demand such as addressable advertising capability.

Dynamic VOD Ad Insertion

CIMM DEFINITION: With the improved technology, it is the ability to insert household specific advertising messages within a real time VOD session pre-, mid- and post-roll. A more relevant advertising spot is served to the viewer based on the specific content, location, demographics and household preferences and across multiple platforms.

Please refer to the CIMM Lexicon online at for additional information on these and other terms.



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