Just An Online Minute... Lounging on Leroy

LeedsCon Cocktail Party at MediaTrust CEO Peter Bordes' house1

Since I stocked up on potato chips and booze last night, I'm one of the lucky ones avoiding the long lines and fights over Doritos that are sure to ensue as everyone prepares for Irene. That means I'm available to write my (in my dreams) award-winning column for all to read in the checkout line of2 Duane Reades the city over.

On Wednesday, my BFF from Canada came to town and I immediately dragged (luggage in hand) her to MediaTrust's Peter Bordes gorgeous townhouse on Leroy Street. Peter was hosting a cocktail party on his rooftop garden in honor of the first night of LeadsCon. We walked in around 7 and I was blown away by how beautiful the place was, and wanted to weep at the thought of going back to my Brooklyn walk-up after I realized the place was five stories.



I arrived hungry and thirsty (no surprise there) and was excited when 3I walked out to the roof garden to see a bar and a DJ and servers carrying shiny plates of burgers and grilled cheese sandwiches. The booze was also great - beer, wine and champagne cocktails. I went for the champagne because it makes me feel dainty, especially when I'm manhandling burgers.

I first met Lauren Ishimaru who is the product marketing manager for MediaTrust in the Ventura office. She flew in for LeadsCon and had the exhausting job of mingling and manning the door - so that'4s probably why she hasn't gotten back to me for this column about pictures and getting people's names I'm just going with it anyway.

I went and chatted with Peter who introduced me to the "Trust" of MediaTrust - president Keith Cohn. They were great and excited about LeadsCon and the media space in general. MediaTrust has offices in NYC, LA and 5Ventura, so it's tough wrangling everyone in one spot.

There was a lot of chatter about the earthquake the day before and how nice the weather was. The DJ was busy playing Top 40 hits and had a row of MediaTrust sunglasses in front of him, which I almost took, but had my hands full with champagne and sandwiches.

I was fading quickly - I think I'm getting old! - and decided to grab a cab and go back to my swanky journalist apartment in the bowels of Brooklyn to watch Netflix. Down the five flights of stairs I went and into the street where girls in sequins were walking into the house and asked me "Are you guys coming from the MediaTrust party?" I replied, "No, we're coming from the other party in that house with the music pumping and address plastered on the outside." They rolled their eyes and trotted in. Why am I such a jerk?

At any rate, I had a great time - everyone was super nice which is a rarity at these parties and the food was excellent. Peter Bordes - invite me to your rooftop cocktail parties anytime!

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  1. peter bordes from MediaTrust, December 13, 2011 at 4:30 p.m.

    Carrie your are the best guest at every event :)

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