Politics, Football & TV Scheduling: Look To The Pigskin Silver Lining

We are once again reminded that time periods and scheduling still matter in the digital TV world.

Tonight, two big events will give U.S. viewers some things to think about:
- First, a possible $300 billion plan from President Obama, including some tax cuts, to create jobs and get the economy going again, including.
- Later in the evening, we can see if last season's NFL Super Bowl champs, the Green Bay Packers, can beat the 2010 champs, the New Orleans Saints.

After much debate about scheduling, President Obama's address will be the lead-in to the NFL season opener --- but not starting in prime time. Out of the money will be NBC's pregame programming; it will move to simultaneous airings on some of NBC Universal's cable networks, including Versus, soon to be called NBC Sports Network.

Obama wanted to do his address to Congress on Wednesday, but House Speaker John Boehner had other ideas. So Thursday was an alternative -- and early in the evening, so as not to conflict with our most popular TV sports recreation and comfort.



In the DVR world, some things can't wait: live sporting events, crucial Presidential addresses --and the season premiere of "Modern Family." But I digress.

U.S. viewers still know their way around a remote control -- as well as DVR control (usually one and the same). So if football fans need pregame highlights and analysis, they have alternatives.

From the TV football advertiser perspective, Obama's address might not be their best lead-in for the opening NFL season game. NBC, with its multi-airing of the pre-game show on cable, will surely come close to giving big-paying advertisers what they need. Of course, some advertisers may just be buying the pre-game and not the game itself. (If that's the case I'm smelling some audience deficiency units.)

The good news for those advertisers? If Obama delivers as promised --  including corporate tax cuts -- they will have another bonus. Call it the pigskin silver lining.

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