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'Wall Street Journal' Gets Seriously Social

  • Forbes, Tuesday, September 20, 2011 12:43 PM
Responding to readers' increasingly social habits, The Wall Street Journal has launched a new platform that filters content through the so-called social graph and lives entirely within Facebook. Regarding WSJ Social, "the fundamental idea of it is super simple," Alisa Bowen, general manager of the WSJ Digital Network, tells Forbes. "It's about making [WSJ content] available where people are."

According to Forbes, "It's also about reimagining newspaper reading as an inherently social experience." On the new platform, visitors choose streams they want to follow -- from those produced by the paper's editors to friends' streams -- which then appear on their news feed.

Encouraging amateur editors to compete against WSJ's paid staff, the most-followed users can compare their rankings on a leader-board, and earn prizes, including their own WSJ-style stipple portraits. "It's really about the users being elevated to editors," says Maya Baratz, the WSJ's head of new products, tells Forbes.



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