Viewer Cord Shaving Traditional Viewing

Web series network says its consumers have been cord-'shaving' their TV watching habits versus six months ago.

A study with Dynamic Logic, says viewers are watching 9% less cable television and watching 26% more content on PCs, 19% more on mobile devices and 18% more on video game consoles.

Rather than concluding that viewers are cutting their cable TV "cords" -- as has been a topic of conversation and research over the last year or two -- the survey says viewers are "shaving" their traditional viewing.

Concerning TV advertising, says 35% of its viewers chose online banner ads as the preferred form of advertising; second preference, 15% say they like pre-roll ads., which creates original Web series, says 43% of its viewers had a "positive reaction" to advertising that started before some original Web shows began. Viewers only gave traditional TV programs a 30% positive score when it came to advertising that began prior to video content.

Viewers tend to watch most Web-series around the same time as prime-time TV shows: 8 p.m.-11 p.m. After this, the second most-watched time is 6 p.m.-8 p.m.

The average age of a Web series viewer among the study of 1,500 viewers is 33. 60% of the time this viewer is college-educated, almost evenly divided between men (51%) and women (49%).



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