YouTube: The Next MSO?

Is it surprising that YouTube has grown to the size it has -- kind of rivaling a cable multiple system operator.

"The scale has surprised me," says Sanjay Sharma, senior vp of strategy & business development/business affairs for Machinima, speaking a OMMA Video in San Francisco. "It mimics TV behavior. People come to it weekly."

But Jeremy Lockhorn, director of emerging media and video innovation of Razorfish, says, "It is not surprising. I could see it catching on. It was big right from the start."

What is surprising says Jim Louderback, chief executive officer of Revision3,  says "It's surprising that they have gone to cats on skateboards to real content."

Barry Blumberg, executive vp of Alloy Digital and president of Smosh, says "There is some value in cats riding skateboards. I think media has been reinvented. Media has been much much better served. There is value behind the $2 million a TV episode content."

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