Flurry Adds Tool For Retargeting App Downloaders

Mobile app analytics and advertising firm Flurry has added a new feature that lets developers retarget ads to iOS device users who have previously downloaded one of their apps. The company says the new targeting capability helps developers solve the problem of maintaining traffic to apps, post-download.

In a blog post today, the company argues that making lists of top-ranked apps as a promotional strategy only works for attracting first-time users. “Only when compelling ways of connecting with existing app users are established, that allow the easy re-launch of an app, can app makers address retention through marketing, and fully control their own traffic acquisition,” according to Flurry.

To that end, its AppCircle Re-Engagement tool allows developers to promote apps to people who downloaded but haven’t used their apps recently.  Used in combination with Flurry’s analytics tools, for instance, an advertiser could target 18- to 34-year-old women that have once made an in-app purchase, but have not used the app over the last month. More than two-thirds of newly acquired users disappear within two months, according to the company.

Flurry, whose AppCircle ad network overall reaches 150 million unique devices, will charge for the new service on a Cost-Per-Re-Engagement basis (CPR), starting at 50 cents. Advertisers pay only when targeted users launch the app they are promoting.  

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