Goodyear, ESPN Try 'Blimpworthy' Stunt Again

Goodyear and ESPN are again floating the opportunity for viewers to determine which college football game they would like a blimp to fly over to provide aerial camera angles. The “Blimpworthy” promotion provides the chance to vote among three games to be held.

The stunt is conducted in conjunction with ESPN's "SportsNation" program. The voting opportunity for the Goodyear Blimp's presence is staged on an  microsite.

The games up for vote are Notre Dame-Stanford, Florida-Florida State and Clemson-South Carolina with the winner to be announced on “SportsNation” Wednesday. The first “Blimpworthy” go-round took place several weeks ago.

Goodyear blimps have been in the air since 1925, with three currently in operation in North America.

Earlier this year, Goodyear said it had reached a partnership with a German company to manufacture additional blimps at a cost of about $21 million each.

"Our current airships are approaching the end of their lifecycle, and we saw this as an opportunity to take the next evolutionary step in our airship program," stated Nancy Jandrokovic, Goodyear director of global airship operations.

The new airships will be larger than the current ones and the first should be active starting in 2014.



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