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Fiat Broadside No. 2: Australian Ad Too Raunchy?

Sometimes you can't win. It's a really good Fiat ad, actually, in which a sexy Italian model at first berates a regular schmo for staring at her, then seduces him, until we realize it's all a fantasy he's having about a parked Fiat 500 Abarth sports car. The problem is that, while it may be too racy for U.S. regulators, in Australia it's the glorification of speed that's expected to earn social -- and eventually official -- condemnation. The ad closes with shots of the car being driven in performance mode, if by performance one means drift racing, complete with screeching tires.

"It's not the sexy first half of the advertisement that would be a problem here, it's the exuberant driving including handbrake turns in the second half," Fiat says.



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