TidalTV Taps Korrelate For Offline Sales

Advertisers and publishers are still struggling to connect online marketing messages with offline sales, which could boost demand and prices for online ads. To this end, online video ad platform TidalTV is tapping Korrelate for sales attribution using its census-based O2O (online-to-offline) measurement service.

The O2O service, which so far is focused on automotive purchases, is based on non-identifying data received from third parties about the past behavior of a user’s Web browser, based on the Web pages visited.

This data is used to put group users into segments, which are then targeted with relevant advertising. It is combined with offline data to determine ad effectiveness. The offline consumption information is drawn from RL Polk’s household-level make and model purchase data from vehicle registrations. 

This method is sensitive to privacy concerns, according to Korrelate, because it doesn’t require any identifying information about the viewer, and no offline data can be tied back to an individual online user. 

TidalTV will first deploy Korrelate’s O2O service on behalf of automotive advertising clients, allowing them to determine how many users who view an online video ad actually go on to purchase a vehicle, as well as the type of vehicle purchased in these cases.

This, in turn, should help automotive advertisers target ads to consumers more effectively. Korrelate says it can also handle sales attribution for additional categories like CPG.

In September of this year, TidalTV announced a deal to serve ads in over-the-top programming delivered by Roku boxes. The ads will run as pre-rolls in some Roku content. In March, the company introduced a mobile ad component, with video ad units delivered in HTML5 format through prominent placements in mobile content and applications.

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