Pro-Motion Taps iDisplay For Digital Signage

While demand for in-store digital out-of-home video is booming, there are still barriers to adoption for small and mid-sized retailers who don’t necessarily have the resources of national chains. Thus DOOH networks are looking to suppliers for displays and distribution technology that’s cheaper, more compact, easier to deploy, more flexible, and with fewer maintenance requirements.

This week Pro-Motion Technology Group, which provides audio, video, and digital technology hardware and software for retail, foodservice and hospitality, said it will become the sole U.S. distributor for iDisplay, which specializes in low-cost digital signage.

The deal gives Pro-Motion clients access to iDisplay products including the iShelf, a battery-operated shelf display featuring a flashing LED-activation button that plays movies or JPEG slideshows with audio; iView Classic: a 10.2-inch digital solution equipped with a WiFi system that automatically connects to a Web-based remote content management system; iView Touch, with 7-inch and 10.2-inch displays and four buttons, designed to engage customers with up to four choices of customer-selected JPEG slideshows or movies; and the iDisplay Open Frame, a digital solution also available in two sizes, 7-inch and 10.2-inch, designed to fit into any point-of-sale display, which can be equipped with up to six buttons or a motion sensor to activate content.




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