Cinema Advertising Helps Boost Super Bowl Ad ROI

Showing a Super Bowl ad to cinema audiences results in significantly increased ROI, according to a survey of viewers conducted after last year’s Super Bowl by Lieberman Research on behalf of national cinema advertising company Screenvision.  

The survey consisted of two parts: an online survey of 1,001 adults, conducted in the two days following Super Bowl XLV on February 11, 2011, and a second survey of 297 respondents at movie theaters in Los Angeles and Nashville, conducted over the weekend following the Super Bowl.

According to the survey results, combining a Super Bowl ad with cinema advertising resulted in a 41% increase in brand affinity, meaning opinion of the brand, among people who recalled seeing the ad both in the cinema and on TV; a 27% increase in brand awareness among the same group; a 27% increase in likelihood to share a positive opinion of the brand via word-of-mouth; and a 13% increase in likelihood to recommend the brand.

The survey also found that viewers who only saw the ads in the cinema were 12% more likely to recall them than viewers who saw them only on TV. Viewers who only saw the ad in the cinema also registered 14% greater impact than TV-only viewing in ad likeability; 21% greater impact in terms of ad persuasiveness; 6% greater impact in brand consideration; and 4% greater impact in brand opinion.

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