Comcast Launches 'AnyPlay' Offering For iPad

Comcast Tuesday formally launched its live TV streaming service for the iPad called AnyPlay. The new offering, whose development was reported on last September, allows Comcast customers to watch cable channels live on multiple screens around the home through the company’s Xfinity TV app for the Apple tablet, and soon the Motorola Xoom (in case someone has one of those). 

“This means that while someone else watches a program in the living room, for example, you can watch another show on your iPad from the backyard deck, kitchen or other places around the home,” stated a blog post today by Mark Hess, SVO of video product development at Comcast.

He explained the AnyPlay device works like any other set top box, but instead of delivering the incoming lineup to a television set, it send the lineup to the Wi-Fi router, which then sends the video signal to the iPad or Xoom tablet over a subscriber’s home wireless network.

Comcast has already made AnyPlay available to Xfinity HD Triple Play customers in areas of Denver and Nashville at no extra cost, and plans to roll it out in more markets in the coming months. The company also said it will soon bring its Xfinity service, featuring 8,000 hours of on-demand movies and TV shows to the Xbox 360 and Samsung connected TVs.

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