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Facebook Adds 60 Apps

As expected, Facebook just added support for over 60 new apps, which will encourage users to share everything from Ticketmaster ticket purchases to Pinterest picture posts.

“Expect to see your Facebook feeds get a bit more crowded,” The Washington Post jokes.

“The [Facebook] ticker will soon be telling you about everything your friends are eating, photographing, buying, watching, tasting, reading and much more,” ComputerWorld warns.

Referring to Facebook’s new Timeline feature, The Telegraph explains: “The new set of apps are … a bid to boost the appeal of Facebook’s new profile, which allows people to share their life story in a single page and carry out various activities.” 

“Now, developers can choose their own action verbs in addition to ‘read,’ ‘listen’ and ‘watch,’” notes AllThingsD. “Some of the ones I heard tonight were ‘want,’ ‘own,’ ‘nom,’ ‘crave,’ ‘pin,’ ‘pose,’ ‘go’ and ‘see.’”

As VentureBeat explains, these all fall under the new rubric of “Facebook Actions,” i.e., “a new way of interacting with apps, content, and brands, are coming to the social network.” 

“Actions are kind of the Holy Grail of semantic data, defining relation types between people, objects, content, places, businesses, and so much more,” VentureBeat adds. “If users warm to the idea of Actions, it might also be one of the most valuable and lucrative move Facebook will ever make.”

More broadly, “The Open Graph initiative [of which Timeline and Actions are a part] is a way to take data from other social networks and apps, and pull it into the Facebook ecosystem,” writes The Verge.

“Facebook wants its more than 800 million users to share everything they do with their friends on Facebook and off of it,” concludes The Los Angeles Times. What’s more, “Facebook is looking for new ways to get people to spend more time on the site and advertisers to spend more money reaching them.”

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