Maybe Even Longer

Social Media Insider Summit luncheon sponsor, Andrew Beranbom, co-founder and vice president of business development at Extole, just gave an interesting presentation showing how brands can utilize social media to amplify their marketing, and reminded attendees that for all the new bells and whistles, the fundamentals still apply.

“We didn’t create word-of-mouth,” he reminded us. “Word-of-mouth has been around for a hundred years.” Indeed, maybe even longer than that.

That said, Beranbom said agencies and brand marketers haven’t really adapted to the kind of multi-dimensional marketing that social media enables.

“You pretty much did what you did in search and display,” he said, encouraging attendees to abandon “one-dimensional marketing.”

Beranbom also was less skeptical about Google’s prospects for cracking the social media code. Despite what numerous speakers and attendees have been saying at the summit – that Google+ is toast and doomed to fail – Beranbom said it’s part of Google’s long-term imperative.

“We believe that Google must facilitate usage of its own social data,” he asserted, adding, that while Google is scraping some API data off of Facebook, but its big challenge is figuring out a way to mine all those “private” conversations taking place on the social network. That said, Beranbom did his best to spread the word.


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