Borrell: 88% Of Local Online Ads Go Mobile By 2016

After a (sort of) dark and stormy night in Key Largo, Day 2 gets underway at the Mobile Summit with local media guru Gordon Borrell of Borrell and Associates taking the stage. Local and mobile have always been paired as a natural alliance—people turning to their phones for local information when they’re out and about. That’s the premise behind a Foursqure and a slew of LBS startups. But are mobile ad dollars following to Main St.?

Borrell projects mobile advertising will have hockey-stick local growth, sucking money away from other media including digital. In next five years, he predicts stationary online advertising will decline 76%. By 2016, 88% of all online advertising will be delivered on a mobile device, amounting to more than $24 billion. Local mobile will go from $1 billion to $2 billion this year.

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