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Oops! Susan G. Komen Rebranded

Consultant Kivi Leroux Miller writes in her blog that SGK has now essentially rebranded itself. "Yesterday afternoon, and continuing into today, I believe we are witnessing the accidental rebranding of what is surely one of America’s biggest and most well-known, and even well-loved, nonprofit brands," she writes, explaining that Komen for the Cure is no longer a breast cancer charity, but a pro-life breast cancer charity, regardless of one's position on the issue.

"This post is about what happens when a leading nonprofit jumps into a highly controversial area of public debate without a communications strategy, stays silent, and therefore lets others take over the public dialogue, perhaps permanently redefining the organization and its brand. Watch and learn, so you don’t make the same mistake on whatever hot-button issues your organization might be wading into."



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