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Twitter Wins Super Bowl XLVI

Thanks to what must have been robust backup servers, Super Bowl XLVI didn’t crash Twitter despite being the most tweeted sporting event in history. According to the microblogging service, the big game averaged more than 10,000 tweets per second. An unimpressed ReadWriteWeb attributed the feat to “continued growth of the social network, not to mention tablet and smartphone technology that make it easier to tweet while watching television.” What RWW did find remarkable, however, was the number of tweets that seemingly had nothing to do with the game.

“We have only anecdotal evidence so far, but many of the most popular tweets dealt with commercials,” it remarks. “This year also marked the year of the hash tag; where as last year's Super Bowl ads urged consumers to ‘Follow us on Twitter and Facebook,’ this year's ads simply listed a hashtag like #GameDayPolarBears (Coca-Cola) and #thatsalotofpizza (Pizza Hut).”

According to Twitter, however, the most tweeted moment of the night was the end of the game, when a Tom Brady Hail Mary pass failed to connect with a receiver -- inspiring 12,233 people to tweet in a single second.




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