eXelate Goes Real-Time, Enables 'On-The-Fly' Segmentation

Bulls-Eye--Arrow-AModeling an audience segment that targets consumers traversing the Internet has become more of a science than an art, especially when large brands must make quick changes to campaigns and need the data to verify decisions. 

Supporting the need to create custom audience segments, eXelate built maX Data -- modeled on audience eXtension -- a data platform the company plans to roll out Monday.

Audience segments are built in real-time based on the goal of the campaign, rather than the brands settling for generic or pre-populated segments. The platform that creates data sets specific goals for target audiences, based on the clients' impressions to conversion data, combined with eXelate third-party data, according to Damian Garbaccio, eXelate's chief revenue officer.



For example, a car manufacturer markets a new car. In mid-campaign, the results suggest a new segment to target -- college graduates with specific demographic patterns who have a proven record of generating results, based on showroom visits with their parents. The goal is to get them to sign up for the auto email newsletter online or opt in to "Learn More" on the Web site.

By dynamically tweaking the campaign to add the newly defined college graduate audience segment, the brand can improve campaign performance as it runs. In fact, preliminary tests during the last two months suggest these data sets can produce between three and nine times better performance on ad conversions, according to Garbaccio.

Eugene Becker, VP of analytics at Xaxis, a WPP company, believes the challenge facing audience buyers is the ability to increase or change the campaign quickly. He said large brands quickly exhaust off-the-shelf segments, offering little value.

Data and click signals sent to eXelate's maX platform as the brand's campaign runs utilize a direct connection between the brand's conversion data and third-party data from demand-side platforms, ad networks, exchanges, and trading desks. This allows quick changes and alterations in the campaign.

Last month, eXelate announced a partnership with Nielsen Catalina Solutions to take offline consumer products goods data and integrate into online campaigns.

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  1. Nate Carter from NA, February 13, 2012 at 8:40 a.m.

    The challenge of the industry is decreasing scale and visibility into behavioral sets as an increasing number of consumers manager their cookies.

    I myself use the ghostery plugin on my browser and have it installed on all of my home computers. In terms of behavioral targeting I don't exist.

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