I'd Give Seraj Bharwani A C+ For Analogies

I’ve never actually read a Media Rating Council audit, but after listening to Visible Measures Chief Analytics Officer Seraj Bharwani explaining the results of it, it doesn’t sound nearly as complicated of intimidating to read.

Speaking about the MRC’s audit of Visible Measures’ platform during his OMMA Metrics & Research keynote this morning, Bharwani describe the outcome in very simple terms that anyone – even a layman like me – could understand.

“We get a C for collecting data. A B for reporting on relevant metrics. And an A for delivering actionable insights,” Bharwani said summarizing the results of the year-long audit that led to Visible Measures accreditation by the MRC, which was announced today.

Bharwani said the reason Visible Measures undertook the audit process was that it decided to create its original business model around serving the demand side (you know, advertisers and agencies) vs. the supply side (publishers), and that “trust and confidence” are paramount on Madison Avenue. More importantly, advertisers and agencies generally like to have their audience measurement data vetted and accredited by a trusted third-party: the MRC.

“Validation still needs to be pressure tested by third party standards parties,” he said.


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