Aegis Rounds Out Digital Agency Portfolio, Acquires Roundarch For $125 Million+

Aegis Group continues to beef up its digital agency portfolio, announcing an agreement this morning to acquire Roundarch for $125 million-plus. Aegis did not describe the terms of the deal, but said that price was an “initial consideration” and that based on future profit-based incentives, the total value could rise to as much as $360 million.

Roundarch, a digital shop specializing in design and development of “enterprise-class” digital media, has a roster of clients including Avis, HBO, Bloomberg Sports, Motorola and the U.S. Air Force.

Aegis said the acquisition is part of its long-term strategy to target acquisitions with “a specific focus on digital businesses, North America and faster-growing regions.”

With offices in Chicago, Denver, Boston and New York, Roundarch employs a staff of 250 and its service offerings include strategy, design, development and outsourcing across all digital channels, including Web, mobile and social media.

The agency has an audited profit before tax of $11 million and a gross asset value of $14 million in 2010.

Upon completion of the acquisition, Roundarch will be combined with Aegis’ Isobar network in the U.S. to form a new entity known as RoundarchIsobar.



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