Tablets Part Of Integrated Efforts

The first panel of the day looks at tablets whether tablets have become a medium  in their own right. Where does the adaptable device fit in the marketing mix? More and more, client briefs aren’t for tablet-specific efforts but including the tablet as part of a cross-platform campaign or content rollout, said Richard Ting, SVP, executive creative director, R/GA. That means content has to be integrated and work as seamlessly as possible across different devices. “You don’t just think about a tablet application,” he said. Meliss Parrish, senior analyst at Forrester, noted tablets have become part of a multi-screen environment, a device people use everywhere.

While the tablet experience is unique, early tablet magazines from the likes of Popular Science were too over the top, noted Chuck Fletcher, CTO, executive director MadSci Labs , Euro RSCG NY. Publishers have since dialed it back a bit, adopting traditional page flips instead of all kinds of fancy navigation. So tablets are new and different, but part of the digital media continuum.

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