Sacha Baron Cohen Dictator Pranks Bests J. Lo's Oscar Nip Slip in Views

I’ll admit it — I checked out the alleged J. Lo. Oscar Nip Slip a few times trying to figure out: did she or didn’t she? Was that a nipple or not quite a nipple? What qualifies as a nip slip? Do you have to show some or all or just a peek?

We could debate this for ages.

Naturally I figured if I was pondering the millimeters required to qualify for a nip slip, others must be considering such philosophical questions too and conducting the necessary research to answer. So I reached out to online video measurement firm Visible Measures the morning after the Oscars to ask: just how many views is this nip slip getting?

The answer as of 1:15 ET on Monday was more than 125,000 views for 20 clips related to it.

Hmm…That’s less than I thought. What’s wrong with us? Are we not voyeurs? Have we lost interest in the exposure of celebrities?

Or are we all just into pranks a little bit more? Because it turns out the 50 or so clips related to Sacha Baron Cohen as his Dictator persona  supposedly spilling Kim Jong Il's ashes all over Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet had ticked past 1.1 million views by midday Monday, Visible Measures said.



That’s the real viral story from the Oscars, Visible Measures said. And after watching the prank, I have to say I agree. There’s just something about pranks pulled off so daringly on live TV.

A slip? Well, that’s just a faux pas. But a prank? That’s in your face and takes some serious…um…cojones.

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  1. T Y from Freelance Producer / DP, February 27, 2012 at 3:57 p.m.

    I would hope that it would take more than that to titillate the American public. But I know better. I hadn't noticed anything except for Diaz's lame performance.

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