Pubmatic Acquires MobiPrimo, Integrates Mobile Into Ad Platform

As hot for mobile as its publisher clients, PubMatic just announced the acquisition of MobiPrimo. An established mobile development technology firm, MobiPrimo clients include Nokia, Motorola and Microsoft. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Per the deal, PubMatic is planning to integrate the mobile platform with top mobile networks, ad servers and demand-side platforms.  

“Integrating mobile into our platform simplifies a previously complex effort,” said Josh Wetzel, vice president of mobile at PubMatic. “Now, we’re giving publishers a single platform.”

Mobile or otherwise, PubMatic needs every edge it can get. According to 34 distinct criteria, Forrester recently deemed AppNexus and Admeld to be superior sell-side platforms.

PubMatic and Rubicon Project were both recognized by Forrester as strong competitors in the sell-side space, and credited search for aggressively ramping up their development efforts, as well as turning once-distinguishing platform features into standard offerings.

Boding well for PubMatic, Forrester analyst Michael Greene recently said sell-side platforms represent a key component of the new ad technology ecosystem. 

“Managing multiple indirect sales channels can be an operational nightmare,” according to Greene. “It’s unlikely that sales teams fill 100% of their site’s inventory every month. To fill the gap, indirect sales channels like ad networks have helped publishers squeeze extra revenues out of their inventory, but put logistical strains on an ad operations team. SSPs help aggregate multiple indirect sales relationships and optimize revenue across them.”

Going forward, PubMatic’s mobile platform will support all the features included in the PubDirect suite of management tools. Last year, PubMatic acquired ReviNet for an undisclosed sum.

Considered a relatively small ad optimization provider, ReviNet offered partnerships with 57 publishers, including The Christian Science Monitor, Boston Herald, The Sporting News and A.H. Belo. With the deal, PubMatic said its U.S. reach increased to 218 million unique users -- or 95% of the U.S. Internet population.



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