Burnett Takes Ownership Stake In YouToo


Mark Burnett, who has overseen a string of reality hits dating back to the launch of “Survivor,” has taken an ownership stake in Youtoo, a TV network that allows people to upload videos of themselves.

The investment, which was not disclosed, is coming from Burnett’s company One Three Television. It is not clear if that is a different entity from Mark Burnett Productions, where Hearst took a 50% stake last year.

Burnett plans to use the Youtoo interactive technology, which involves social TV and gaming, in conjunction with his shows “as a way to deepen audience engagement by building fan loyalty, and attracting new audiences.”

The homemade videos are tabbed “Fame Spots.”



Formerly AmericanLife TV Network, Youtoo TV and social-media platform youtoo.com launched in September 2011. The company says more than 50,000 people have appeared on TV.

A Burnett digital production entity also produced 250 short-form programs for the TV side, which is available in 177 markets through distributors such as Time Warner Cable. Long-form programming involves Digg.com. Launch distribution was reported at 15 million

Youtoo CEO Chris Wyatt, who founded Godtube.com, a Christian video site, bought AmericaLife in 2009 with Rev. Robert A. Schuller.

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