eCommerce Syndication Tests, Controls Repurposed Content has begun testing technology that allows publishers to syndicate ecommerce and corporate content aimed at small and medium-sized businesses.

The company began last November with a platform that enables blogs and sites to repost news articles with an embedded code similar to a YouTube video and button like Share It.

The business model allows publishers to optimize sites without the fear of being dinged by search engines Google and Bing for repurposing content.

The embed code allows syndicated sites to post an entire article from a publisher in any program running JavaScript. It matches the destination in the window, from desktop to mobile, on any site up to about 5,000 words. It also brings in the adjacent online advertisement. The embed code can help publishers bring in a new audience from another site, according to John Pettitt, CEO at



The tool allows celebrities or brands to syndicate content on fan-based pages or other sites, but retain the ability to control and track the content without allowing others to edit it.

Pettitt said the company is also testing with, an affiliate-type program for marketers. "Typically, you make a widget and give it to all affiliates to run," he said. "That's great, but you really have no reason to talk with affiliates after they take the widget."

This new program will allow creators to produce editorial content that affiliates can run on their sites and link back, giving publishers an opportunity to talk with affiliates weekly.  

Publishers also control what gets embedded by on other sites by region and Web site. The application allows publishers to create a black list. For example, the publisher can restrict specific domains like Fox News or MSNBC from republishing content on their Web site even after they have published the content, which disappears off the page, and a link directs the reader back to the original site.

Pettitt said adds about 15,000 new articles per day. 

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