Meet TV's "Saviors"

The self-described “saviors” of TV are currently holding forth during Media Magazine’s Outfront Conference in New York. (It’s actually Jon Mandel, CEO of media agency PrecisionDemand, who called his fellow panelists -- Mark Lieberman, CEO of market research firm TRA, and Dave Morgan, founder and CEO of media marketing firm Simulmedia -- “saviors.”)

How are these gentlemen saving TV? Measurement and targeting to rival similar services and technology for the Web. In the area of measurement, Mandel admits that TV is the clear No. 2 -- but that’s not a bad thing. “It’s good to be No. 2,” he said, because you’re less likely to be “fat & happy,” and, thus, less likely to slack off.

What matters is that: “We can prove that TV is still the most powerful medium… by far,” according to Mandel. To prove it, “We have the technology now” -- not to mention what he calls the “brain muscle,” “geeks,” and "wacko geeks." Regarding said measurement and targeting technology, Modeled added: “We as an industry are foolish not to use it.”

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