One Promo Too Many?

How many times a day is too many times for a network to promo its own shows? Well, if you’re reaching your core demo 15 times a day, you’re probably going overboard, according to Howard Shimmel, Executive Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer at Nielsen. Citing a real-world example (without naming names) at an afternoon panel at Media Magazine’s Outfront Conference, Shimmel said a certain network was, without a doubt, overusing its on-air time to market its own shows.

Our guess is Bravo, but, (at least currently) that wouldn’t be possible, according to Ellen Stone, SVP of Marketing at Bravo. Over the past few years, Stone said, the network has rapidly increased its original programming, which has left less time to promote shows on air.

In fact, Bravo is always looking for other networks and events -- whether they’re on air or in the digital space – to promote shows, Stone added. Just as long as they’re likely to attract the audience she’s after, she said.

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