The Only Way To Fly (With Ads)

Please make sure your folding trays are in their full upright position. No, we’re not landing, but Garry McGuire, CEO of RMG Networks, would like to serve you some in-flight advertising.  Presenting at MediaPost’s Digital Out-Of-Home Forum, McGuire insists that his digital out-of-home ad network is more popular than ever in the sky, where he says average dwell times are 2.5 hours, and 70% of air travelers engage with their back-of-the-chair TVs for at least an hour.  

Making the medium even friendlier for brands, McGuire says RMG has reduces lead-times from about 45 days (back when ads had to be manually loaded onto the plane’s video system via zip drive) to just 7 days. Reporting, meanwhile, is now delivered to participating brand every month.

 What’s more, in-flight marketing has “all the power of broadcast television,” along with “all the benefits of context of place.” Results of a partnership with Delta, McGuire added, have been “incredible.”

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