Pieces Still Missing From Cross-Channel Picture

With an eye on digital out-of-home media (of course), how much luck are buyers having connecting the dots between different platforms? Not much, according to members of an afternoon panel at Mediapost’s Digital Out-Of-Home Forum.

“The ability to link consumers across screens doesn’t really exists,” admitted Teri Gallo, VP of Marketplace Development at IPG’s Mediabrands Audience Platform. There is the ability to connect data sets, she said, while marketers are starting to make more sense of the way in which campaigns work across screens.

That, however, doesn’t go nearly far enough, according to Jack Sullivan, Senior Vice President/Out-of-Home Activation Director at Starcom Worldwide. “We need to start connecting a lot of the behavioral data, and connecting it across platforms,” he said. “We have the capabilities to do that, but there’s still… I don’t want to say siloing, but…”

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  1. Teri Gallo from consultant, April 11, 2012 at 3:50 p.m.

    great panel, thanks for inclusion. point of clarification (on linking consumers). today, there is no universal id that links all screens, however, we do have the ability to: 1. leverage common datasets to appropriately target audiences across all screens 2. pull back performance insights to understand 'full screen' impact on key marketing measures and 3. optimize. clearly, each channel is at varying stages of evolution related to (programmatic) audience targeting. digital ooh is nascent but holds tremendous promise. prepare for rapid acceleration. t

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