Will "Gestural" Eat "Touch" Tech's Lunch?

Eric Mauriello, Senior Vice President at Possible Worldwide, is heavily invested in the continued adoption of touch-screen technology. Indeed, as SVP of Touch, Mauriello works directly with clients to develop appropriate touch-screen ad campaigns and consumer services. As such, if anyone should be worried about "gestural" technology (think Tom Cruise in “Minority Report”) overtaking “touch,” it’s Mauriello. Some experts think it’s inevitable, and, if only from a health perspective, we hope they’re right. Mauriello, however, claims he isn’t losing any sleep over the rise of gestural. “The two [technologies] actually compliment each other,” he said in response to a related question at MediaPost’s Digital Out-Of-Home Forum. In the broadest sense, “gestural” sensors are good for drawing consumers into an out-of-home experience, but touch is far superior for product selection, say, and other detailed actions.

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